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PDF-Power-Brand -- Turn Your PDF E-books and Special Reports into Viral Marketing Machines!

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Create Brandable E-Books and Viral Marketing Campaigns for free with PDF Power Brand!

From the Desk of Dan Blackburn.
Owner: PDF Power Brand

One of the easiest ways of making sales of your products online is to run an affiliate program and pay affiliates to make sales for you. Running an affiliate program can be like hiring a professional sales force for free and only having to pay them after they have more than paid for themselves, but finding affiliates who are capable of making sales can be difficult. An easier way of making more sales through an affiliate program, is not to hope that you attract people who are capable of making sales of your product, but give all your affiliates that are willing to promote for you, effective tools to use.

One of the most powerful marketing tools that you can give your affiliates is a well written PDF e-book that they can give away for free to sell your product and build a mailing list of people who are interested in buying your product.

Viral Marketing with Brandable PDF Files is a Proven Way To Explode Affiliate Sales! Give your affiliates the tools that they need to effectively promote your website for you. Explode the growth of your mailing list and increase sales by offering informative e-books to your prospects. E-books can be awesome sales making and list building tools.

PDF Power Brand has all the features you'd expect to see in a PDF Branding Software. The only difference with our software is that we have a fully functional free version. That never expires.

  • Brand Regular Text In PDF Files
  • Brand URL's in PDF Files
  • Brand Hyperlink Text in PDF Files
  • Insert Default Tags (in cases where not all the tags in a brandable PDF file are likely to be branded, you can insert default values to be used).

If you are looking for a powerful PDF Branding Software, then look no further, Try PDF Power Brand, it's free!

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Why do we offer this software for free?

PDF Power Brand is "ad supported" and "self promotion supported" software.

  • While using the software, you will see unobtrusive ads that you may actually be interested in.
  • PDF Files that are branded with the free version of the software, contain a link back to PDF Power Brand in the PDF files created.

The link in the PDF file will be your PDF Power Brand affiliate link, you can turn this link off by paying a one time fee of just $14.97 (which is cheaper than any PDF Branding Software on the market) it if is left on, it will promote your affiliate link and you will earn commissions on any upgrades generated from your promotion (links in pdf files).

The PDF Power Brand Does NOT contain Any Adware Or Spyware

No Spyware Adware Or Viruses. Just Excellent Free Software

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