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How to make a "rebrandable" PDF Report.

In order to make a PDF report that contains clickable links that can be "rebranded" you need some PDF creation software. There are 2 types of PDF software programs. PDF Printers and PDF Creators. To create a "brandable" PDF you need a PDF creator. This is not the same as a PDF Printer.

When you create a PDF with a PDF printer engine, the resulting document will not contain ANY clickable links, therefore such tools are unsuitable for making "rebrandable" PDF files. The whole point of this marketing tool is to have people "click through" to your website, and to allow affiliates to brand the links that they click.

The great news is, you do not have to buy any expensive software like Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Word to create your PDF files. There is a free and easy to use software suite called Open Office that will allow you to create PDF files for free

Get it here

Open Office Writer is the only PDF creation tool that PDF Power Brand is guaranteed to work with.

Simply create your e-book using the open office writer, then when you are done, click the PDF button on the menu bar and save your new PDF file. Of course, you need to insert your brand tags in the "source" of the document. You cannot insert text to be branded into a PDF, you can only change the tags within the PDF. You need to enter your tags

Inserting Brand Tags

Please note, the old style of tag has been replaced. The old style of {-- tag -- } will still work depending on the software used to create your rebrandable report. The new style of tag is HHHrebrandthisHHH (where rebrand this is the text you use to identify the brand tag.

The process of making a "brandable" PDF relies on inserting HHHTAGSHHH into your document, then saving the document as a PDF file. You must insert a HHHTAGHHH where ever you want your customers to be able to customize your PDF with their information. A tag must be defined by wrapping the word in 3 capital H's

EG HHHWORDHHH. (without the spaces)

Or http://HHHyoursiteHHH


HHHyoursiteHHH (you must use http:// at the beginning of brandable links).


http://HHHyoursiteHHH.com -- this tag will only allow people with a .com domain name to brand the link. .net, .info .anything else would be excluded if you did this.

It is important that your brand tags do not contain and spaces or special characters,

There are 2 instances where you may want to allow people to brand your PDF.

Branding regular text.
You may want to allow your customers to be able to change some regular text within your document.

For example

"This report is brought to you by HHHYOURNAMEHHH"

The customer would then be able to change HHHYOURNAMEHHH to their name using PDF-Power-Brand to make this text say

"This report is brought to you by John Doe" (or what ever their name is).

Doing this can greatly help with the the promotion of your book. It will encourage people who download your report to promote it AND you can use this space to work out simple JV deals with respected marketers.


Simply tell them that you will brand the original book (the one that you market) with their business information if they agree to set up a promotion for your book. You can even do this with several people at once by creating a branded report for all your partners and setting the download link as a link rotator. Although make sure they all know you are doing this. Sometimes when you can say that you already have people signed up for the deal, it helps to convince more people to do it with you.

There is no point you using this space for yourself, but it could be very valuable to someone else. Especially as they have you promoting it for them.

Branding a URL in your report.

For example: You want to allow your customers to be able to rebrand an affiliate link promoted in your book.

Could be branded with your customers PDF-Power-Brand affiliate ID

You can also enter a default tag so that if a particular affiliate link does not get branded, it will still promote your affiliate link. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of links if your PDF and you do not expect your readers to take advantage of all of them or want to rebrand them all. You still get credit in their rebranded book if they don't.

To create a brand tag with a default tag use the format HHHtag-defaultHHH.

For Example.

If this tag were not branded, the link would direct to

http://www.pdf-power-brand.com/pdf/?go=123 because 123 was added as the default tag.

Please note: The old style tag of tag$default has changed due to an update to open office. A hyphen now replaced the dollar sign.

You can also allow your rebrand customers to change the text and URL of embedded links. Example This is an embedded link. You can even insert brand tags in the URL and the link text at the same time.

Instructing Your Customers.

The best way to deliver your campaign to your affiliates is to add the campaign to the PDF Power Brand Vault and send everyone direct to the download page you get when you do this. This page is also your affiliate link and can be made your affiliates affiliate link, so if you want your affiliates to be able to give away the brandable version of the report, they can do so by sending their traffic to the download page too.

But if you do not want to add your campaign to the vault for some reason? Make sure that when you send a copy of your "brandable" pdf to your affiliates you also send your PDF-Power-Brand affiliate link, so that they may get a copy of the software to brand your report with their own links, and that if you allow your affiliates to pass on the brandable version of the report that they know to do this too.

The PDF-Power-Brand software is NOT designed to be distributed with your report. In order to use the software one must create a free account at PDF-Power-Brand. The software must be registered in order to be used so we can track commissions and member ads displayed in the software. You can give them the .exe download file, but they will not be able to use it until they sign up and create a free account and unless your affiliate cookie is set when they install the software (before joining) you will not get credit for the sign up.

This problem is solved when you promote your PDF Power Brand campaign download page.

Every branded PDF created with the free version of the software contains a link back to PDF-Power-Brand, This link can be turned off by upgrading to Silver membership for a one time fee of $29.97. $14.97.

You can also get this discount for FREE simply by Tweeting!

Click here for details.

Some people like to leave this link to help build their PDF-Power-Brand downline, but others feel they need to remove it to make their books look more professional. When ever anyone upgrades, you get commission. We also offer upgrade options at PDF Power Brand, if you promote your campaign download page, you promote your affiliate position in both sites at once!

Your PDF power brand affiliate link is

<-- Make sure you give this to everyone who downloads a brandable copy of your report. (If you do not have a campaign download page)

Your customer will then join PDF-Power-Brand as your referral (unless they are already a member) and you will earn commissions if they choose to upgrade. Commission percentages are dependant on member level.

If you have used logical words for your brand tags, it should be straight forward for your customers to work out how to rebrand your report, but nevertheless, you should always provide a "Read me" document containing explicit instructions of how to brand each tag in your PDF.

If you are linking to other affiliate websites in your PDF, make sure you send your affiliate link to sign up before they add their own link with your brandable PDF package and make sure you add a "$default" to your affiliate links so you still get the credit if the link is not rebranded.

Sign off your "Read Me" document with your name, contact information and link to your website.

To see an example of a "Branding Pack" you could give to your customers see these videos you could make something similar to this for your customers.

For an example Read Me Document, click here

Click here to watch a video of the process

If you need help, use the support desk