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Instructions for Branders

These instructions are for those who want to brand existing PDF files. You will find instructions on how to set up your own PDF files for use with PDF-Power-Brand by clicking here.

If you have not downloaded the software yet, click here

Click for video instructions (large file) (small file)

Step One : Open up PDF-Power-Brand.

Start --> All Programs --> PDF-Power-Brand

Note: You must be connected to the Internet to use the software.

The first time you open the software you will be asked to enter your PDF-Power-Brand log in email address and password. You will only have to do this once, unless you change your password or we release an update to the software.

Please make sure that you enter your information carefully and that you are connected to the Internet. If you do not enter the correct information, you will receive an error message.

You only have to enter your password once, but you must be connected to the Internet every time you use the software. Your username and password are stored on your computer. When you open the software, PDF-Power-Brand will check to see that you have an active membership and whether you are a Free, Silver or Gold member. It will also check who is the nearest Gold member above you in the affiliate chain to display appropriate ads in the software. Pay attention to the ads served to you as they may contain very special deals not available anywhere else on the Internet.

When you open the software, a welcome page will load. This is a page that we allow our Gold members to control. You may see a special offer here, information on how to get more information, a welcome message or simply a blank screen? Close this page to access the software... After checking out any great deals presented on the welcome page.

You may also see ads on the left and right of the software GUI (Graphical User Interface) Again these are controlled by our GOLD members. Please take notice of these ads as they are what makes the software free :0).

Step Two: Open the brandable PDF you wish to brand in the software.

Menu --> Open and select the PDF from on hard drive.

You may have received a "Read Me" file with your PDF, if so open this too as it will give details on how to brand this particular PDF.

You will see a list of words on the left panel with a corresponding blank space next to each one on the right panel. These are the brand tags specified by the e-book author and the specific tags that you can brand with your personal information.

Once you have entered all the information you want to brand. Click save, name the file something different to the original and save it to your hard drive.

Step Three -- Test your "branded" PDF.

Open the PDF you have just branded and check that everything works correctly and that the links in the PDF go where you want them to go. If you have made a mistake, re-open the original "brandable" PDF and enter your information correctly.

Your PDF is now branded and ready to promote!

When you close the software, you will see an exit page. This is another page that we allow our GOLD members to control. Be sure to check out the offers here because their may be something very special you can take advantage of.


PDF-Power-Brand does not accept any responsibility for the content of the welcome and exit pages or ads displayed in the software, nor do we endorse any advertisement. If ever you see anything offensive or illegal promoted through the software, please let us know. You will receive a reward if the content reported is indeed offensive.

If you are a free member of PDF-Power-Brand, your PDF-Power-Brand affiliate link will be printed inside every document that you brand by default. This is yet another link that can earn you money inside your branded PDF. You will earn 30% commission on every member who joins through that link an upgrades.

If you are a Silver or Gold member you can turn this link off if you choose. However, as a Silver member you will earn 40% commission if a members joins through that link and upgrades and 50% as a Gold member.

If you need help at any time with the branding of your PDF, please submit a support request