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There are 2 ways in which the PDF Power Brand software can be used.

Scenario 1 - A Brandable Book For Affiliates

By far the most common use of PDF Power Brand is to create a brandable e-book marketing campaign which affiliates can use to promote your products more effectively. This is what the PDF Power Brand software was designed for.

The strategy is simple.

  • Create a free report which provides a solution (or part of a solution) to a common problem that your target customer faces, and then position your product or service as the obvious choice to solve the problem.
  • Create a "squeeze page" or lead capture page to offer the report for "free". (i.e.. no money).
  • You write a series of follow up messages, and set them to be delivered to everyone who subscribes over a period of time.
  • You integrate the use of the powerful marketing tools offers at PDF Power Brand and leverage permanent traffic and sales from potentially thousands of affiliates.
Sales come from both links in the free report AND the autoresponder series that you allow your affiliates to use as well.

You may be using a similar strategy to promote yor business yourself, but the chances are, your affiliates are not.

Most of them will be trying to make sales by adding a banner ad to their blog, or sending an email out to their mailing list. It can be hard to leverage sustained, effective promotion for your affiliate marketers, because they are always looking for the next thing to promote in order to get the most from the traffic that they have / can afford.

When you get a affiliate to brand a report and start promoting it from their own squeeze page, filtering into a list that is specifically promoting your products and services too, the chances are that they campaign will stay live forever!

If you give your affiliates a professional marketing campaign to promote your wares, you could leverage as much as 900% more sales from every affiliate who promotes for you. The e-book captures the lead, and if that does not make the sale, the follow up might. It's a LOT, LOT more effective than having affiliates promote your offer though a banner ad on their blog or a one time mailing to their list.

Not only that, the sales from each affiliate will come in consistently, not in one mad rush as they mail their list. They will set up "permanent" campaigns that promote your website, and integrate systems into the campaign to promote them automatically, not just once, but forever!

When you create a free report for your affiliates, you can add it to the e-book vault and put it in front of every member of PDF Power Brand. You get a full page on our site dedicated to promoting your marketing campaign. This option is not available in scenario 2.

Scenario 2. - Selling Branding Rights To Your "For Sale" Book

Maybe you have written an excellent e-book yourself or you have unrestricted Private Lable Rights to some information packed ebooks which you are selling. If this is the case, you could make even more money by using PDF Power Brand to allow other people to place their own name and links inside your book, or by allowing them to "sponsor" it with their own ad.

I.E. If you are selling the book, and selling resale rights to the book, you could also sell branding rights or sponsor ads within the book as an upsell to people who pay for resale rights.

Maybe your book has a few affiliate links in it that make you some additional sales, the upsell could allow the person who owns resale rights to make these links their affiliate links instead of yours.

*PDF Power Brand is built with a function to allow you to enter default information to be entered if the brander does not brand a particular tag. For example, maybe one of the affiliate links is for a program that costs money to join and the person who has rebranding rights does not want to pay to join that program. In this case, you can make it so that your link is still used in their book. Simply by using the syntax HHHtag$defaultHHH in the brand tag.

The option to be able to "rebrand" any affiliate link in the book and have it making sales even after it has been sold is a huge benefit that creates an excellent upsell to anyone interested in buying "resale rights" or a more attractive "resale rights" package (including rebranding rights).

Do there you have it, the 2 different ways that you can use PDF Power Brand to make more sales.

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