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If you are selling an Ebook on ClickBank, PayDotCom or in fact any other affiliate network, here’s a quick and easy way that you can  plug sustained traffic and affiliates sales into your website for years to come. It will only take a couple of hours to set up (max) and best of all it’s 100% free.

Interested? Read on.

The deal is really simple. All you need to do is  create a “preview” copy of your e-book and insert brand tags in the URL’s so that affiliate marketers can use the PDF Power Brand software application to insert their affiliate links. (Videos on how to do this are in the PDF-PB members area, it’s really easy).

Creating a preview copy could be as simple as compiling a couple of chapters of your book with the (affiliate)  link to buy the full book inside.

If you do this, we’ll tell all the current members of PDF Power Brand and every member who joins in future to go and brand your e-book and start making sales for you. We do this by making it available for download in the PDF-Power-Brand e-book vault.

Your affiliate marketing campaign will have it’s own page on the PDF Power Brand website where visitors can access and members can download your campaign. Your campaign download page will also directly promote your PDF-Power-Brand affiliate link, so as visitors come to download your campaign they join the site through your affiliate link and you get paid if they upgrade.

By taking advantage of this offer, you expose your product to all members of PDF Power Brand, you expose it to people who would be likely to begin promoting your e-book through the campaign you provide. All building a list specifically to sell your product! Think of the leverage that this will give you!

All we ask in exchange is that you link to your PDF Power Brand campaign download page on your existing affiliate page (i.e the page where you give them banners et al).

To put it another way…  you need to offer this marketing tool to your affiliates by linking your PDF-PB campaign download page on the page where you give your affiliate marketers banners and emails to use when promoting your product.

If you do not currently have a page on your site where you provide affiliates with banners and other marketing tools, you really should have one… make one!

What should you provide in your campaign?

#1 of course a ebook PDF file made brandable with PDF Power Brand. (That’s the whole point of me making this offer).  In fact, you could just leave it at that… But if you do you’ll only get about 5% of your potential traffic and sales.

To get the most benefit you should provide the affiliates with a full marketing campaign and “mini website”, complete with squeeze page and follow up emails. Their branded copy of your preview book can be offered in exchange for the prospect subscribing to the affiliates list.

The affiliate can then automatically follow up with everyone who subscribes, using the follow up sales messages that you provided.

That’s everyone promoting your campaign building a mailing list specifically to sell your product. You have to agree that that looks a lot more powerful than what will likely happen if you just give them a PDF file to brand.

So what do you say? If you are interested, all you need to do is join PDF Power Brand, click the “campaigns ” link and then click “Add New”. It’s 100% free and provided there are no issues, your campaign download page will be live on the site within 24 hours.

Dan Blackburn

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