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May 13, 2009 by

I’m pleased to announce a new professional affiliate marketing campain by PDF Power Brand for the popular e-book PhotoShop In A Day by Duncan Wherrett.  This professional affiliate marketing campaign is now available in the PDF Power Brand members area (for free).

This campaign includes

  • A 33 page PDF file containing juicy extracts from the “for sale” book. The report which is brandable with your ClickBank affiliate link,  showcases the quality of Duncans book and enables the buyer to see what they are getting (and that they want it) before they buy. — The sample book is well worth a read if you want to learn photoshop.  Duncan really knows his stuff.
  • A 3 page “Squeeze Page” website, containing lead capture page, email confirm page and download page. All easily brandable with your own details (Full “find and replace” instructions included).
  • A sample series of 7 follow up messages for you to use in conjunction with the free report. (It’s the report that “captures the lead and the follow up that makes the sale).

You can see the Photoshop In A Day campaign set up here

There are complete video instructions in the members area showing how to successfully set up a campaign.

The E-book Photoshop in a Day sells for $25, a great deal for the amount of content and tutorials  you get. As an affiliate you get paid 65% commission on this for every sale you make.

The demand for products in this niche is higher than you may think. It’s a product that targets web masters, there are sure a lot of those out there.  For $25 you can learn how to create your own images forever… rather than paying someone  $25 for every image they make for you. That’s an offer that a lot of people out there will find hard to refuse.

Remember, the expert affiliate marketing system is about setting up multiple affiliate marketing campaigns and earning a little each month from each one. I strongly recommend you set this one up, even though I have not tested it myself yet. I think it will be a really  good campaign for you.


Creating a professional affiliate marketing campaign to sell your products is free and easier than you think. Adding your promotion to the vault and having me write about it on this blog is free too. If you are interested, sign up at PDF Power Brand.

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