Software Update – Version 3.3.2

July 5, 2009 by

A new version of the PDF Power Brand software is available for download now. (version 3.3.2) The latest update fixes an issue with branding text  with in a PDF file.

The issue we had was that when plain text is made brandable in a PDF file, the new text was trying to occupy the same spot as the brand tag.

The software was not recognizing that the new words inserted may be longer or shorter than the space occupied by the brand tag. This issue has now been fixed.

Unfortunately, the issue with “length of under line link” when branding text in embedded links is still an issue.  The solution to this issues is still removing the underline from your hyperlinks. This will be fixed in the next update (hopefully next week).

Why would you want to allow people to brand plain text in a PDF file?

One of the main reasons why you would allow someone to “brand” your PDF e-book at all,  is because you want them to promote it. You want them to brand the links (to your website) within the report with their affiliate link, so they can give away your PDF E-Book and use it to make sales of your product or service  as an affiliate. Being able to make the affiliate link brandable is all you need to be able to do that, so why would you want to allow people to brand plain text in a PDF file?

The reason is “recognition”. Everyone one wants to be recognized, more than they want to make money. I once heard it said that “People will work for money, but they will die for a medal”. And I believe that that is true… Well, really it is isn’t it, because people have died for medals. (I am not saying that everyone who died and received a medal did it for the medal of course… I think you get what I mean?)

So perhaps allowing everyone to put their name inside your PDF file will in some way make them more likely to spread it around. I don’t know, what do you think? Will allowing your affiliates to add their name and a link to their personal website (as well as their affiliate ID in all the links to your site) make them more likely to promote your book for you?

You should be prompted to download the latest version the next time you open the software. If not, you can download it from the link in the side bar of this blog.

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