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In this post,  I want to talk a little but about the various membership levels we have at PDF Power Brand, how you can leverage a lot more benefits from the site by upgrading and just how much control you have over your income when you do.

FREE MEMBERSHIP — This is our “entry level” membership. Anyone and everyone can become a free member as long as they have a valid email address. We do not force subscription to any mailing list, but a email address is required to access the members area and receive any essential notices, like password reset notification in the event of a lost password.

Free members get some pretty cool benefits. They get the PDF Power Brand software, access to the “E-book Vault” and permission to submit their own campaigns to the vault for free. The only real “drawback” of free membership is that the PDF files that members brand with the software contain a link back to PDF Power Brand within the document itself.

This link directs to the members affiliate link. It could actually see seen as a benefit, however, it  can make the PDF files look a little cheap. This link can be removed by upgrading to…

SILVER MEMBERSHIP — Silver membership is just like free membership. The only difference is that Silver members can “turn off” the affiliate link printed in the e-books that they brand. Upgrading to Silver membership costs just $14.97 one time. Anyone can upgrade to Silver membership.

GOLD MEMBERSHIP — Now we are getting to the “exclusive” levels of membership. The GOLD membership level is so exclusive that is may not be available to you… and if it isn’t there is nothing that even I, the site owner can do about it.

Let me explain

The sale of GOLD membership is controlled by the Gold or GOLD+ member above you in the “referral chain”. If you become a GOLD member, you get to decide whether or not anyone who comes after you can upgrade to the GOLD level or not…

There is a good reason for this.

The GOLD member gets control over all of the ad space on the site and in the PDF Power Brand software

  • Login offers are controlled by the GOLD member
  • Every ad on every page of the members area and e-book vault  is controlled by the GOLD member
  • Every ad within the software application is controlled by  the GOLD member.

Anyone who joins after the GOLD member, no matter who referred them will see the GOLD members ads when they use the PDF Power Brand software and/or members area.

That’s a pretty powerful benefit. Especially when you understand just how “viral” this software and marketing system is. Just by creating one report or contacting one merchant who add their campaign to the vault, you will leverage a constant stream of referrals into your “business centre” and you can advertise to ALL of them!

This is why we give the GOLD member control over whether or not anyone can upgrade to GOLD membership. Once upgraded, no-one can take control of the Ad Space away from you without your say so.

The chances are that you will quickly make a LOT more money from the ad space than we charge for membership, so you will probably want to keep it all for yourself. If you choose to make it available to others, you earn a 50% commission on the sale, paid every month.

Pretty cool huh? Bet you have never seen anything that gives you THAT level of control before? After hearing about our GOLD membership level, you may be thinking that it cannot get any better than that?

We are passing every benefit of owning a “ad supported free software” to the GOLD member. What could possibly be left to give?

A lot! In the right hands, our GOLD+ membership level could be worth thousands of dollars per month and even in unskilled hands it could be worth hundreds.

When you upgrade to the GOLD+ membership level, you leverage the efforts of everyone who joins after you to promote your own personal mailing list.

This is NOT like your average “viral list builder” where everyone joins to build there own list.  It’s like having an army of affiliate marketers all promoting the offer you tell them to, exclusively for you. It’s like having a marketing team working  for you when ever they promote their PDF Power Brand affiliate link.

If you are a GOLD+ member, you get to display a bonus offer on the PDF Power Brand sign up page. All the new member has to do is check a box and the lead is passed directly to your own auto responder. It does not matter which auto responder service you use our system works with them all.

This is a highly exclusive membership level too. If you become a GOLD+ member, you get to decide whether or not someone can take this benefit away from you. You decide if GOLD+ is available for sale to everyone who comes after you.

If you decide NOT to make it available, no-one who joins after you will be able to upgrade to GOLD or GOLD+ (You can choose to sell one and not the other).

Are these membership levels available to you? Would you make them available to others if you could upgrade?

Log into your members area and find out if you can. The chances are that you WILL NOT be able to upgrade, so if you can, I  suggest you grab it before someone else does and turns the option off for you.  All payments are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or post a comment below.

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