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Get THOUSANDS of Affiliates Making Sales For You?

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Put simply, if you make a brandable e-book marketing campaign with PDF Power Brand and make it available to your affiliates, we make it available for download to EVERY member of PDF Power Brand. Once your campaign it approved it will be made available to every member of PDF Power brand inside their members area. Soon, it will be available on the public site too… To every visitor of the site though every affiliates link.

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The Smart Way To Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer

April 19, 2009 by  |  No Comments

It’s my aim to provide you with what you need to do this effectively through the PDF Power Brand e-book vault. We want to give you “response proven” e-book marketing campaigns that you can plug into your niche blogs and help to build the list of subscribers who read your automatically published newsletter, which will drive traffic to your blog, offers and revenue generating AdSpace.

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Make PDF Power Brand YOUR OWN Passive List Builder!

April 12, 2009 by  |  No Comments

I’m excited to announce a new membership level at PDF Power Brand today. GOLD PLUS! It may, or may not be available to you in your members area.  Just like out GOLD and PLATINUM membership levels, GOLD PLUS is extremely limited too. There can be only one GOLD PLUS member in any “business centre”. The [...]

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Introducing a new feature at PDF Power Brand “The Vault”.

April 7, 2009 by  |  No Comments

90% or more of the people who join PDF Power Brand do so in order to brand a report, not to have other people brand their report. We have more “affiliate marketers” as members than we do “merchants”. That is the way it should be! I’ve got two things to tell you about today and [...]

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